Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mad Men: To Have and to Hold

Tonight was a pretty great night of tv for me. A very funny Bob's Burgers, an outright great episode of Game of Thrones (one of the best the show's ever done) and this episode of Mad Men, than even if low-key in comparison to what I saw right before it on Game of Thrones, was all the same very interesting and somewhat puzzling. 

Bob & Carol & Don & Megan
Megan gets a juicy love scene and it may or may not be because a co-star and her head writer husband want to get some swinger-action out of the Drapers. Don and Megan laugh about the swinger part, but Don is definitely not laughing about her scene. When Megan first told her about the scene, I sensed Don didn't really think much of it, he probably didn't care much thinking he had Sylvia. Still, when he saw her wife with another man, the situation quickly changed and he, of course, went right into Sylvia's bed. 
I failed to mention Megan's miscarriage (or may it be an abortion?). In any case, there are strong forces clashing in the Draper marriage and both are unseen to the other. Megan is obviously more transparent with Don about her career ambitions (even if she isn't about her pregnancy) than Don is about his affair with Sylvia, but they are keeping secrets and that won't end well. 
When in bed, Sylvia tells Don she prays for him to find peace. Haven't we all been praying for Don Draper since the beginning?

Pass the Heinz
Sadly, from the moment I saw Peggy in the "previously on Mad Men" segment, I knew Don was going to run into her when he pitched for Heinz Ketchup. I still don't know if I had been surprised without watching the segment, but I did like how this turned out. When Kenny says it's a petty to be known for being loyal to Don, it's evident we must think of his relationship with Megan and Sylvia, but also of Peggy and Stan. I think it's a little naive of Stan to think he could tell Peggy about Heinz Ketchup being looking for a new agency and not expect her to jump in and for that I didn't completely buy that part of the situation. On the other hand, the show has done a pretty good job of developing the relationship between the two to the point where I am rather interested in seeing where this goes. 
I was actually content with seeing Heinz going with another agency if only because I thought they were going to go with Peggy's campaign and I thought Don's was better (although Peggy's was clearly way closer to what the Heinz people wanted). Still, SCDP doesn't get ketchup and loses sauces and beans. 

Joan vs. Harry
Ok, first of all, was there just a lot of hinting-at-it or are Harry and Scarlet getting it on? I understand this couldn't be the case if Harry was receiving a client when Scarlet was out, but the episode really made me think something was going on between these two. In any case, with or without the Scarlet component, Harry makes a whole fuzz about his power in the agency. It seems a little weird that an ad agency would pay so little attention to the head of the tv department, but at the same time it's apparent how much everybody in that office truly hates Harry and how much of a sleazy douchebag he is. When he was called into Bert's office, I thought the money was for him to be fired, instead they keep him albeit without a partnership. I didn't quite get this part, they obviously dislike him, and they threaten to fire him, but I guess they recognize he's needed? 
Meanwhile, Joan must still get her small victories wherever she can, and even if she doesn't get to fire Scarlet, she gets to hear how much her sister admires her and what she represents. Being a partner at SCDP is quite a big deal for Joan, even if many people there still treat her like a secretary. Yesterday we saw Peggy's relationship to her workers, and Joan's isn't very different from that. I guess it's just the reality of being a woman with power. 
I sensed Joan didn't fire Scarlet just because of what she did, but because of something that was personally going on with her, even though I couldn't really grasp what that was. I was expecting the episode to go to other places with this storyline, but I guess it was just Joan being her perfectionist and hard self, trying to get the respect she feels she lacks in the office. Respect that I thought she had more than she thinks, until I saw Harry burst into that partners meeting. 

Dawn Chambers 
Dawn also gets a little storyline and gets to keep her job (thanks in part to the growing social conscience of the time). Joan says it's a punishment to be in charge of the files and the back-room (was it those two?), but it seems as if Dawn thought Joan was taking her under her wing and so did I. Here's hoping she becomes Joan's apprentice, because although improbable, it would be just awesome. 

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