Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oscar Winner Predictions: Foreign Language Film

Thanks to its five nominations (including Director, Original Screenplay, Lead Actress and Best Picture) and the fact that french melodrama and international box-office hit The Intouchables is not nominated; it's safe to say that there is probably no way Michael Haneke's Amour will lose this award come Oscar night. It's basically a done deal. 
Still, I want to use this space to comment on the other, less talked-about nominees in this category. I've only seen four of the five nominees (the one I'm missing is Canada's War Witch). And I can only recommend three (one of them is, obviously, Amour). The one I wouldn't recommend is Norway's Kon-Tiki, which is a beautifully shot, but also very generic middle-of-the-road movie. Denmark's A Royal Affair, on the other hand, starts out as a pretty straight forward by-the-numbers period piece to later reveal itself as a much more interesting and conversation starting film. The one I want to really shine a light on, however, is Chile's No, directed by Pablo Larraín and starring Gabriel García Bernal. I've actually wrote about the film previously on the blog and since it's going to soon be released in the U.S. I would encourage everyone who has the chance to watch it. It is a thought provoking film while never failing to remain entertaining; one of the best films I saw last year (which wasn't included in my top ten because I decided to only include films released in the US in 2012). 

Will Win: Amour

Should Win: Amour or No

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