Monday, November 5, 2012

Homeland: 'A Gettysburg Adress'

This post is a little late, I just wanted to say a couple things about sunday night's 'Homeland'. 

I guess I was kind of right last week, at least for one episode, the status quo of the show this season seems to be Brody informing the CIA about Nazir's plan in exchange for immunity. The thing is his allegiance is yet again in question. By the end of this episode, we have a relationship with Brody pretty similar to the one we had in season one. Basically, we don't know what he's about. It's not as if we don't know whether he is a terrorist or not, but the question seems to be which of his bonds is stronger: the one with Nazir or the one with his original home and family. 

I guess Brody had to keep some kind of loyalty to the terrorists, or at least said loyalty had to be hinted at because the show would lose a lot of tension if it didn't, but it felt a little too repetitive of season one to me. At least for this episode. For all I know, my distrust may be over next week. After all, we did get that moment between Brody and Carrie at the very end of the episode that hints at some pretty interesting character stuff. Have they really forgotten about each other? Seem like they haven't and that might be an interesting thing going forward. 

Finally, the story about Dana running over a lady is one that hasn't really added that much to the story and hasn't been handled on 'Homeland'-level quality so far. I hope it does amount to something bigger by the end of the season, because if it is just an excuse to give Dana something to do, it doesn't seem worthy. 

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