Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Television 10/01/12: I'm Stuck with this One

Monday is turning up to be a terrible night of television. 'Partners' is excruciatingly bad, I can't stand either '2 Broke Girls' or 'Mike and Molly'. I'm not very much into reality, so I can watch some of 'The Voice', but I can't stand 'Dancing with the Stars'. And my dad loves 'Castle', so maybe I'll watch some of that. But for the most part, I'm stuck watching 'How I Met Your Mother'.

For a few years now I've been watching the show just as a residual love for its first wonderful four seasons and the curiosity to see how things ended up for the characters. And while sometimes the show has the ocasional good episode and reminds me how much and why I loved it in its early years (example of this are "Subway Wars" and "The Ducky Tie"), a lot of times I just can't answer myself why I'm still watching.

Today was one of those days in which I felt masochistic. I don't know why I would want to watch the characters I once loved take part in a completely stupid, ridiculous, poorly written story. You can still feel the talent of the cast while watching 'How I Met Your Mother', but the writing has become so awful it feels very sad to watch. 

Tonight's show didn't work not only because the jokes were terrible, but also because there was really little invested on any of the relationships it was breaking up. We knew Barney and Quinn had to break up in order for Barney to marry Robin, so it wasn't at all emotionally significant to watch their relationship end. We know Ted won't end up with Victoria, so we don't care when and how they break up. Ditto for Robin's relationship with a boyfriend we barely now and empathize with. All this was punctuated with a terrible resolution scene that had the magical psychoanalytic scene in which characters magically now how to perfectly explain what's ailing them and so they can all be ok with each other. 

If there was something good to this terrible episode, it was Robin being turned on by watching herself deliver the news on tv. I did laugh at loud at that. 

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