Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday Television: Quick Thoughts on NBC's New Comedies

I watched the second episodes of NBC's new comedies tonight and I have a couple of quick thoughts on them.

First up was 'Go On' which seems so far to be just a 'meh' show. Like many second episodes, this one is very repetitive of the pilot again establishing Matthew Perry's Ryan as a misanthropic guy denying the loneliness and depression of having lost his wife only this time there's a lot of cats around. Well, actually, this time we get much more of Ryan's work environment, which originally wasn't supposed to be such a big part of the show. The show will have to learn how to juggle the therapy sessions and the work life going forward, though. There is some genuine effective emotion to the show, but it's still a little cliched, it could get to a truly original and funny place in the future, though.

Meanwhile, 'The New Normal' continues to be really bad. Like 'Glee', its biggest problems are in the inconsistency of its characters and the situations. The Andrew Rannells character keeps being very problematic thanks to poor juggling of personality traits (between dumb cartoon and real person) from the writers. The emotional scenes actually work in parts, thanks mainly to the actors' performances, but the writing is pretty terrible at this point. The plot points in this episode felt very contrived and the comedy was just the worst. Just because you are a gay liberal doesn't mean your sexist and racist jokes aren't in poor taste, Mr. Murphy. Well, I did have some fun with the little girls' impersonation of Little Edie from 'Grey Gardens', but everything else landed with a turd.

On Tuesdays during the regular season, I will probably not watch this shows on a weekly basis, since one of my favorite shows ('Happy Endings'), a show that grew on me during last season ('New Girl') and two new shows with better pilots ('Ben and Kate' and 'The Mindy Project') are all airing on that night.

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