Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Television for 09/18/12: All NBC, including 'Parenthood'

On 'Go On', the members of the grief therapy group turn on Ryan (Matthew Perry) when he doesn't introduce them to his coworkers. Ryan being ashamed of going to therapy and hanging out with the "weirdos" that go there with him is still a rather typical storyline for a show with this premise. So, on the originality part, the show is still on uninspired ground. There was also a sub-plot regarding Ryan's worklife, in which John Cho wants to be good at comforting Ryan in his grief but ends up doing silly stuff to do it. 

Regarding that, the show is doing a pretty good job balancing Ryan's work life and the therapy group and has now has officially introduced John Cho's character to the therapy group. It remains to be seen how it is handled going forward. The episode also had yet another touching moment at the end. I initially didn't like the way the show was treating the mexican gardener character, but the payoff was effective. Sadly, on the comedy side, the jokes are not landing. I just didn't laugh.  

Then, was time for 'The New Normal' and... ugh. At this point, the show is trying to have its cake and it eat too and it's not working. On one side, we have Andrew Rannells' character standing up for gay parenthood and on the other, it has him overreacting to the fact that his baby might have red hair. Like I said in my previous review, just because the show has an earnest subject matter does it mean it's hilarious every time there's an offensive joke. The writers seem to think so, though, 

This means I've now given both these shows three episodes and the way things are going, I'm not going to be watching them going forward. Expect to hear from FOX's new sitcoms 'Ben and Kate' and 'The Mindy Project' as well as the returning 'New Girl' next week and maybe I'll catch up with 'Go On' and comment on it. 'The New Normal', I'd rather not watch again, but who know what tricks my mind could play on me. 

Now, tonight I also watched 'Parenthood' which is on at 10pm on NBC. I had never seen this shows before, but had heard very good things about it. I am not usually one to just start watching a show mid-run, but there's nothing else on at this hour and I thought it would be fun. And fun it was. Now I've only seen one episode, so take this with a grain of salt, but I really liked the vibe of this show. It is very character driven, relying on small moments instead of big plot developments.  Well, there seemed to be a pretty big plot thing towards the end, but it still was very character-driven. It made me remember 'Men of a Certain Age' (which makes me say Ray Romano is a very good fit for 'Parenthood') and the way it was just delightful to hang out with those characters every week. I'll definitely be coming back. 

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