Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Television 09/24/2012: CBS Monday Comedies Premiere

I don't have much to say about any of these shows, so here's some quick thoughts on the disappointing first night of CBS' Monday comedies.  

How I Met Your Mother - "Farhampton"
Every time I watch this show now, I just get sad. I used to outright love this show. This used to be the most likable group of characters on television. You know, the ones you want to hang out every week with. On its eight (and possible last) season premiere, the show is more than ever nothing but a shadow of its former self. I say this because the story lines in this episode felt like 'How I Met Your Mother' episodes, just a not very good one.

On the emotional side, the story with Barney and his fiancee (played by Becki Newton) felt veyr been-there-done-that. And on the comedic side, Ted interacting with the Victoria's German broom and Marshall and Lily suffering sleep depravation for having a newborn were too far away from the show's original cleverness. (The one bright spot of the episode was Barney quickly summarizing everything that happened on the show in one minute).

The endless teasing towards the meeting of the mother has become the most annoying aspect of the show. This is supposed to be the last season of the show (unless the actors sign for a ninth year), so I'm sticking with it just to see how it ends. Even if it makes me long for the show it once was.

There's a moment in the first ever episode of CBS's new comedy 'Partners' about two friends, one straight (David Krumholtz) and one gay (Michael Urie) working together, where Michael Urie's character is told something along the lines of: "it seemed like part of you schtick" To which he replies: "I am my schtick. And it's true. This show, by the creators of 'Will & Grace', tries to make you laugh by giving you the most tired funny gay man schtick you could possibly imagine.

Michael Urie did a very good job playing a (on paper) similar character in 'Ugly Betty', but he can't do anything when he is playing a shell of a person defined by a tired sitcom schtick. It doesn't help that the creators want him to carry the show on his own, since by the end of the pilot I couldn't tell you anything about any of the other characters' personalities. This is probably one of the worst new shows of the year.

2 Broke Girls - "And The Hidden Stash"
Starting with the horrendous first scene involving a woman breastfeeding an eight-year-old, it was clear '2 Broke Girls' wasn't doing anything to adress its first season problems. The humor remains offensive without any point to its offensiveness and all characters except for the two leads are  such big stereotypes they just aren't believable as human beings. Even the guy that they meet at the auction was a gay stereotype. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are two talented comedic actresses. When they are in a scene on their own, the show is not as terrible as in the diner scenes. I even laughed at some of their deliveries. They deserve better than this show. 

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