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2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Live-Blog

Here we are, the night of the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. I must say two whole months between nominations and the actual show is a little too much. I am feeling unusually high Emmy fatigue. Of course, it's nothing compared to the fatigue you feel when the Oscar awards season is finally over.

Let's start with this thing. Our host is Jimmy Kimmel, and I must say right out the bat, I'm not a big fan of his. I haven't watched much of his show and usually prefer other late night hosts, but I'm open to him doing a good job tonight. Let's see what he's cooked up.

20:00 And so it begins... I am digging all those ladies in the restroom, but then Jimmy Kimmel's votox... Like I said, I don't know why my mind just doesn't accept Jimmy Kimmel. Well, this little video was amusing, but not that memorable when compared to Conan's and Jimmy Fallon's opening videos.

20:05 Kimmel begins his monologue. He is actually quite good. He mentions the Downton Abbey gang. So weird to see them all there in contemporary fashion. He jokes telling Jon Hamm he is sorry he hasn't won tonight and makes me sad thinking Hamm will probably never win for playing Don Draper. That's just unfair, Emmys!

20:08 They are dividing the show into genres again. This is a good idea on paper, but I it also makes the Movie/Miniseries section of the show incredibly boring. First up is Comedy, let's see if 'Modern Family' dominates like it did last year.

20:11 Amy Poehler and Louis C.K. (who I hope win something tonight) present Supporting Actor in a Comedy. They're funny, Louie does his Louie thing. They don't have clips, I don't like that. And the Emmy goes to... Especially long pause. The winner is Eric Stonestreet. He is far from the best thing in 'Modern Family' these days, but like I said in my predictions, he sure did benefit from his co-stars submission tapes. He mentions Jesse Tyler Ferguson in his speech: "There would be no Cam without Mitch". That's Sweet.

20:18 Jim Parsons and Zooey Deschanel present Comedy Writing. The nominees are so good in this category, I will be happy no matter who wins. The montage of comedy writers answering how they think their high school teachers would describe them is really funny. The winner is Louie! Wow, the episode nominated was 'Pregnant', which wasn't really the best of the season, but Emmy voters sure like this guy. I wonder if he wins something else tonight. Louie thanks Pamela Adlon and his kids.

20:22 Mr. White and Jesse in The Andy Griffith Show is really funny. I am liking the comedy in this show so far. Hope it sticks around for the rest of the show.

20:24 Kat Dennings anD Jon Cryer present Supporting Actress in a Comedy. The winner is Julie Bowen. The first category of the night I got right on my predictions. She repeats after winning last year. Bowen is very insistent on thanking people for making her wear nipple covers while shooting the show. Make of that what you will.

20:30 Matthew Perry is onstage now. He likes attention and that's why he announces the winners of guest acting in comedy, which where actually announced on Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (got that?). The winners on Saturday were Jimmy Fallon and Kathy Bates, they are here to present  Directing for a Comedy... The winner is Steve Levitan for 'Modern Family', which proves these guys keep on loving that show despite the fact that there are like thirty-four better comedies on television. I don't anything against Levitan personally, but I don't know how an ordinary episode of 'Modern Family' could beat Louie's wonderful 'Duckling'.

20:36 A video of new Lily being hated on the 'Modern Family' set. Like I said, these comedic bits are being pretty funny. Ken Jeong as new new Lily would be a nice addition to the show.

20:37 Mindy Kaling and Melissa McCarthy present Comedy Actor... The Emmy goes to Jon Cryer in 'Two and a Half Men' and I just cringed. I just.. I... just.. "Something has gone incredibly wrong" he says. I agree. Jon Cryer now has two Emmys. Steve Carell and Amy Poehler, zero. How's that for awarding greatness in television?

20:44 Stephen Colbert is now presenting, he is really funny, as usual. He's presenting Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. The winner is... Julia Louis-Dreyfus in 'Veep'. Another right prediction. I can't say she's bad in the show, but she already has two Emmys and I really wanted to see Amy Poehler win tonight... Oh wait, she's reading Amy Poehler's speech. Poehler continues to make little gags in the categories she's nominated in and just for that the Academy should make her win soon.

20:48 Now it's time for the second section of the show: Reality. I suppose they have these on the show for ratings purposes, but 'The Amazing Race' wins every year and makes it really anticlimactic. James Van der Beek and Damon Wayans Jr. present. The award goes to... you guessed it, The Amazing Race. It's now won nine times. You know, it's probably one of the better reality shows on the air, but nine seems like more than enough.

20:57 'The Big Bang Theory' provides a pretty funny way to present the accountants, which is usually one of the most boring parts of the show. Nicely done, so far, production team.

20:58 Seth McFarland now presents Reality Host. Do they really need a category for Reality Show Hosts? Anyway, the winner is Tom Bergeron for 'Dancing with the Stars'. I don't watch the show, so I'm not really familiar with his work. He is pretty funny in his speech, though.

21:01 It's now time for the third section of the night: Drama. It's also time to see if this is  going to be a 'Downton Abbey' love-fest like I predicted.

21:04 Claire Danes is up for presenting Supporting Actor in a Drama. The Emmy goes to... Aaron Paul in 'Breaking Bad'. The first actor to win this category twice since 1995. I was predicting Giancarlo Esposito, but Paul is certainly great in the show. A well deserved win. He is truly moved. I really like this guy, I'm glad he won. Although we are having a lot of repeating winners. So far all acting winners have been previous Emmy winners.

21:14 I got distracted for a moment. I think something with Tracey Morgan happened. Connie Britton and Hayden Panetierre are presenting. It's time for Writing for Drama. The Emmy goes to the Homeland pilot. Pretty good choice. Pilots do have an advantage in this category so don't think Homeland will win 'Downton Abbey' for the Drama Series Emmy just yet.

21:17 They are now presenting Supporting Actress in a Drama. The winner is Maggie Smith in 'Downton Abbey'. I was hoping so hard for Christina Hendricks, but I see why they voted for Dame Maggie. I just wished she'd be there to accept the award, I bet she kills it at giving speeches. And did Hayden Panettiere just call her "Maggie"?! It's DAME Maggie Smith to you, missy!

21:22 They take Tracey Morgan off the stage. And Jimmy Kimmel introduces Giancarlo Esposito. He introduces the winners for Guest Acting in Drama. The winners were Martha Plimpton for 'The Good Wife' and Jeremy Davies for 'Justified'. They are here to present Directing for a Drama Series. The Emmy goes to Tim Van Patten for 'Boardwalk Empire'? Wow, I thought everyone was over that show. He didn't even show up!

21:25 It's an In Memoriam for Jimmy Kimmel featuring Josh Grobin playing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". Is this in bad taste?

21:27 Julianna Margulies presents Lead Actor in a Drama. The winner is Damian Lewis! He is the one to finally beat Bryan Cranston for this award. He did have a wonderful tape. Are we in for a 'Homeland' sweep tonight? Lewis if funny accepting his award. Very classy. Maybe he's just british. Cranston's reaction shot makes him the McKayla Maroney of the Emmys.

21:35 We're back. Jon Hamm and Tina Fey are very funny at presenting Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The winner is... Claire Danes for 'Temple Grandin', I mean, 'Homeland'. Very deserved, she was the best in the category by far. 'Homeland' is having a pretty good night. At this point nobody would be surprised if it beats 'Downton Abbey' and 'Mad Men' for the top award.

21:40 It's time for the next section of the show: Variety. Like 'Amazing Race' in reality, this is where 'The Daily Show' wins its thirteenth Emmy.

21:42 Aziz Ansari pretends to be british. He's funny. He presents Writing for a Variety Special with the lovely Jane Levy... The winner is Louis C.K. for writing his special "Live at the Beacon Center". I like to watch him winning awards. Why can't we have more of this and less Jon Cryer?

21:50 Ricky Gervais is here to present the big one: Directing for a Variety Special. The winner?...  Glen Weiss for the Tony Awards and, thus, Louis C.K. is not a better comedian than Ricky Gervais. Weiss is directing the Emmys themselves, I wouldn't know if he is deserving (don't know a lot about directing award shows), but it seems a little suspicious. Also how ridiculous is to award awards shows on an awards show?

21:54 Gervais now presents Variety Series. The winner is... The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This is their tenth consecutive win and the part of the night when I become a snobby commenter and say I actually prefer Colbert. "When the earth is a burning ball and aliens come they will find a box of these and find out how predictable these #$%& award shows are" Stewart nails it.

22:05 It's time for the Movies and Miniseries part of the show. Also known as time to check Facebook, take a shower, make some pancakes and come back for the end of the show.

22:07 Steve Buscemi is up first to present Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. The winner is... Jessica Lange in 'American Horror Story'. This is when I go on a rampage over the injustice of 'American Horror Story' being able to submit itself as a Miniseries when it so obviously is a regular series. Expect more of this if they keep winning tonight.

22:14 Kerry Washington is up and she reminds us that she should be in more things. She presents Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. The winner is... Tom Berenger for 'Hatfields and McCoys'. I expect 'Hatfields' to dominate the awards tonight due to its huge ratings success.

22:16 Ron Howard is up to talk about Andy Griffith and presents the true In Memoriam. Marvin Hamlisch, Michael Clarke Duncan, Lupe Ontiveros, Gil Cates, Albert Freeman Jr., Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Tony Scott, Kathryn Joosten, Frank Pierson, Mike Wallace, Ernest Borgnine, Harry Morgan and Dick Clark are amongst the great talents we lost this year.

22:26 Lucy Liu and Kiefer Sutherland present Writing for a Miniseries or Movie... It goes to Danny Strong for Game Change. Who turns out to be THAT Danny Strong. Is this a make-up award for not winning for 'Recount' (which was a far better movie) or is 'Game Change' going to win Movie/Miniseries?

22:28 Now they present Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie... And it is Julianne Moore for 'Game Change'. She was only fine as Sarah Palin in the movie, but it is SO GREAT to finally see one of the best actresses in the world get an award for her amazing work. And they still dare play her off. Oscar better be next.

22:35 Ginnifer Goodwin and Emily Van Kamp present Directing for a Miniseries or Movie... The winner is Jay Roach for 'Game Change'. I am still thinking 'Hatfields and McCoys' takes the big one.

22:38 It's time for Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. The winner is Kevin Costner in 'Hatfields and McCoys'. I almost predicted him. I do like Kevin Costner. Have you seen 'The Upside of Anger'? He's great in that movie. So they cut off Julianne, but let Kevin Costner ramble about the olympics? Come on, Glenn Weiss, earn that Emmy.

22:45 There's only three awards left. First up, Andre Braugher presents Best Movie or Miniseries... It goes to Game Change, which by far isn't the best of the nominees, but at least is a Made for Television Movie or Miniseries. Actually, rewarding 'Game Change' is like rewarding 'The Newsroom'. They shouldn't have done that.

22:47 Julianne Moore will present Best Drama Series... The winner is Homeland! Wow, they did love it way more than I thought they did. I really thought it was going to be 'Downton Abbey'. It is a very well deserved victory. And they break the 'Mad Men' four-year streak. Aaand the second season is premiering next Sunday, so kind of perfect timing on that front.

22:55 Michael J. Fox is the one to present Comedy Series... The winner is Modern Family, not a good choice, but an expected one. I'd much rather have them end the show with a 'Homeland' win, but whatever, they're being telecast on ABC.

Aaand it's over. The Emmy race is done, let's start predicting the Oscars!

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