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2012 Emmy Award Predictions: Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


Award Shows, my one weakness. Even if they're meaningless, I can't resist them and so, here is my annual attempt at predicting which actors and shows will become winners. These are predictions for the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards which will be broadcast live on Sunday September 23 on ABC.

To win the Emmy, every actor nominated must submit an episode representative of their best work each season. The episodes submitted are then viewed by a panel that votes for what they deem best. Each actor and his/her publicity team pick which episode to submit. Great submissions can help an underdog, bad ones could prevent a favorite from winning. Let's take a look at what these ladies chose. The nominees are...

Anna Gunn in "Breaking Bad" (AMC)
For a while there it seemed like Anna Gunn was going to end 'Breaking Bad' unrecognized for her great work. You see, Skyler is not a particularly likable character, but being honest, few people on 'Breaking Bad' are. 
Episode Submission: "Bullet Points"
This if fine episode for Gunn, in which she has a dramatic confrontation with her husband. She is certainly a possibility for the win, but I just don't see her winning. That being said, this year's "Fifty-One" may as well be the submission that wins her the Emmy next year. 

Joanne Froggatt in "Downton Abbey" (PBS)
Mr. Bates' Anna was one of the surprise nominees that the whole 'Downton' lovefest through into the list. She's not a well-known actress, but if voters are as in love with 'Downton' as they make it seem, then they are familiar with her and the emotional story of the doomed relationship between lovestruck Anna and Mr. Bates. 
Episode Submission: "Episode 7/Christmas"
Seems like Froggatt is too betting on pulling Emmy voters' heartstrings with the most emotional moment of the season regarding her relationship with Bates. Here, Anna is in tears as her husband is sentenced to death for a murder he didn't commit. I was wondering if any 'Downton' cast member would have enough screentime to win, and I think Froggatt could be a surprise winner for the intensity of emotion in this tape. 

Maggie Smith in "Downton Abbey" (PBS)
Dame Maggie Smith, to be exact, just won the award last year when 'Downton' was submitted as a Miniseries. In any kind of popular vote, I'm sure she would win this in a cake-walk. Emmy voters love 'Downton', Emmy voters love Maggie Smith and anyone who watches the show has to love the funny remarks of her character. 
Episode Submission: "Episode 1"
She has a lot of Maggie Smith moments in this episode, she certainly picked well, but I am thinking voters might want to vote for something more showy dramatic for the win.

Christine Baranski in "The Good Wife" (CBS)
She is a past Emmy winner for her comedic role in 90s sitcom 'Cybil'. She's now graduated to perennial veteran nominee status, this being her third nomination for her role in "The Good Wife". But as it usually is the case with perennial nominees, there's always respect for them, but never enough momentum for voters to decide to finally award them. 
Episode Submission: "Alienation of Affection"
She has a couple of good scenes in this, keeping it cool as she learns her firm is in financial trouble, acting as a mediator in the middle of a partner feud and flirting with the man that got her served. This isn't a bad submission considering how she usually has very limited stuff to do in the show, but it isn't an outstanding one either. 

Archie Panjabi in "The Good Wife" (CBS)
Panjabi was a surprise nominee, and then, an even more surprising winner two years ago for this same role. The question wether she can pull it off again is undermined by the fact that the show and her performance, if anything, have lost buzz and momentum in the awards circuit since last year. 
Episode Submission: "The Dream Team"
We get some of the fierce strong female character that got Panjabi the win for the first season, but the real meat of this episode is in the main storyline regarding the titular "dream team" of which Panjabi is not a part of. 

Christina Hendricks in "Mad Men" (AMC)
This is her third time in the nominee list and like every other 'Mad Men' actor, she hasn't won yet. She is so wonderful in the show that if it were up to me, her house would be full of Emmys. Voters haven't awarded her yet, partially because there is rarely a 'Mad Men' episode that focuses enough on her character as to win.
Episode Submission: "The Other Woman"
This year might be different, though. 'The Other Woman' is not only one of the most talked-about and praised episodes of Mad Men's season 5, it's also a showcase fo Hendricks and the main story of the episode all revolves around her character. I won't go into much detail to not spoil it for those who still haven't catch up with the show, but this might be her winning tape. 

Will Win: The most logical argument might be to go with Maggie Smith. If you think of the tapes, you could make a good argument for Christina Hendricks too. I am going on a limb and predicting Joanne Froggatt, after all we've had a lot of surprise winners in this category in the last few years. 

Should Win: If i had a ballot I would go with Christina Hendricks, who, as most of the 'Mad Men' cast, should  already have an Emmy on her mantle. 

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