Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking Bad: "Dead Freight"

Well, wow.

Another outstanding episode of 'Breaking Bad'. This time around, we get one of the greatest and most suspenseful set-pieces the show's ever done when Walt, Jesse, Mike and Todd (Jesse Plemons, Landry from Friday Night Lights) set out to rob a train wagon full of methylamine. It's another classic 'Breaking Bad' caper and as me and my dad were watching I asked him: "Do you think there are trains that run through the middle of the desert?" We really couldn't answer, partially because we haven't been to New Mexico, so we let that little detail slide and enjoy what we were watching.

But, of course, with 7 billion people on the planet, there are hardly any deserts left. Especially in the United States of America. And so, there was bound to be a witness to the robbery. And it happened to be that little boy. Another immensely tragic death in the show's history and one that just might be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as the relationship between Walt and Jesse is concerned.

Granted; it was Todd, not Walt, that shot the boy. But we can see from Jesse's reaction that it will mean a lot to him. Having gone through what he's gone through, he is now many times more sensible than Walt and the shooting of a little kid may bring too many similarities to Jesse murdering Gale and the poisoning of Brock. Both moments that have devastating Jesse making the man he is now.

Well, what I have to say is this: This is shaping up to be an incredible season of television. Last year gave us the war between Walt and Gus, which was very exciting; but season four also had to spend a lot of time slowing things down and developing the supporting characters. At the time, it might not have been as fun to watch the show as in other points in time, but it like something that was necessary if the show wanted to stick the landing in its final moments. Now, we are closer to the end and all the development that came before seems more than worthy.

Also: As for the relationship between Walt and Skyler, it seemed last week that Walt might go as far as to murder his wife. This week they seem to be striking a deal about the kids. Walt sending Junior out of the house because of Skyler seems to be a step towards a healthier relationship considering how he's treating her overall, but I doubt this is the end of the problems in the White marriage.

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