Monday, July 23, 2012

Breaking Bad: Madrigal

We're continuing our weekly thoughts on 'Breaking Bad' as it airs the first half of its final season. Post come up evert Monday. 

It was bound to happen. After taking down Gus after an exhausting battle at the end of last season, it was obvious Walt was going to try and fill the place as the lord of meth in New Mexico. 

Jesse has gone through some serious shit these past seasons, and while in the premiere we saw him preoccupied with destroying Gus's laptop, we now see him at his most emotional crying for almost betraying his master when that's probably what he would've done if he knew the whole story. As we know, Walt did poison the kid and did somehow steal the poisonous cigarette from Jesse; but he has also staged such an elaborate lie to cover himself up that right now Jesse is devoting all his loyalty to him and jumps right back into cooking alongside Walt.

Mike (Jonathan Banks), however, is not as thrilled with the idea. This episode's main focus is on how a guy like Mike would go back to work with a guy like Walt. Someone who has rubbed him the wrong way since he's met him and someone, who in his own words, is a ticking time-bomb. 

With such an opinion of Walt, it's no surprise that what brings Mike into the operation doesn't have much to do with him. We established last season that he loves his granddaughter and now we see that it's his love for the little girl that makes him team up with someone who could (and most probably will) lead him to a tragic ending. 

Without Gus in the picture, it seems like we're going to be focusing more on Mike. As long as Jonathan Banks is as good as he is in this episode, I don't have complaints. We know Mike is a very cold guy who is professional over anything, but he seems to have a soft spot for little kids (and somewhat for Jesse). I'm interesting to see his role in Walt's journey this final season. 

Also: The name of the episode comes from the opening scene at the 'Madrigal' headquarters in Germany. "Why are germans in Breaking Bad?" asked my dad and I hope this builds up to something interesting.

Also: We close the episode with a very creepy scene of Walt trying to sex up Skyler while she's completely depressed over what happened with Ted Beneke. Walt's being creepier than ever.

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